Welcome to the STMicroelectronics (Bristol) Retirement Scheme

If you or your partner worked at Inmos Bristol/Newport and/or STMicroelectronics Bristol/Newport you may have benefits in the scheme.

If you have any questions about the scheme please contact: STMPensions@isio.com quoting your full name and National Insurance number.

The following scheme documents:

  • 2023 Statement of Investment Principles (SIP)
  • 2023 Investment Implementation Document (IID)

are now available as recent posts.

Town Hall Meetings

The Trustee holds regular Town Hall meetings in Bristol and believes members value these meetings as they offer an opportunity to interact with the Trustee.

The 2022 Town Hall meeting was held on Wednesday 23rd November 2022. As in previous years this Town Hall meeting was again held virtually using Zoom. The Trustee is conscious that some members who would have liked to attend will have been unable to do so due to other commitments. We therefore made a recording of this meeting temporarily available to give such members the opportunity to watch the Trustee presentation.

Change of Administration of the pension benefits in the Scheme

From 2nd March 2020 the company providing administation for the STMicroelectronics (Bristol) Retirement Benefit Scheme on behalf of the Trustee changed from KPMG LLP to ISIO.

ISIO is the result of KPMG’s decision earlier this year to establish its pension advisory practive as a separate company. This new separate business is now called ISIO.

Apart from the formal change in the company administering the Scheme there is no substantive impact. The Scheme will continue to be administered in the same way and by the same pensions professionals as peviously, the existing KPMG staff we are used to dealing with having transferred into the new company.  There are minor changes to the contact details of the administrators, if you wish to communicate, detailed in a recent post.

Other members communications can also be found below.